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My Microblading Journey

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Being a microblading artist, I had no doubt in my mind that the treatment would give me the results I wanted. After suffering from thinning out eyebrow hair, it was to gain back the fuller shape I used to have in my younger days!

So why not join me on my microblading journey, so that you can learn from my experience and decide if it's the treatment for you.

Day before Treatment:

I had to avoid coffee, tea and any caffeine for 24hrs. Easily done for me as I love herbal teas anyway. I did not take any pain killers such as Ibuprofen either and I don't drink alcohol.

All of these things have to be avoided before microblading so that you don't bleed unnecessarily.

Also spicy food, oily fish can thin out your blood too, so best to avoid them.

Day of Treatment:

My treatment was in the morning which is always better, as I knew I had to leave the rest of the day for aftercare wiping which I will explain later on.

Just to point out that I did not do my own microblading! I called upon a fellow artist to do it for me.

On arrival I had to sign consent forms, as it is an invasive procedure which has risks.

So first of all my brows were mapped and the shape was drawn out. Of course I got to see the shape to approve which I do with my clients too.

I did not have a PRE-NUMB! What does this mean?

A pre-numb is sometimes applied to ease the discomfort when doing the first lot of strokes.

My artist decided for me actually that she wasn't going to give me anything and I didn't disapprove as part of me wanted to feel what it was like without any pain relief.

So what did it feel like?

I could feel each and every stroke but it wasn't painful. More like a scratching sensation and a bit pinchy. It felt a bit like when you have your brows tweezed or threaded.

I could feel the pressure of my artists hands on my forehead and eye area, touching my nose a bit, but none of it was actually painful. More discomfort I would say rather than pain.

Once the first lot of strokes were done, she applied a secondary numb (which is for open skin)

This was the stingy bit! My brows felt like they were on fire but again, a short lived discomfort as it was much better once it kicked in (exactly 3mins!)

My left brow felt more sensitive than my right brow. This is quite normal since one side is always more sensitive than the other usually.

At the end of the procedure which took approx 2 hours, my brows felt sore and bruised. Of course it would do!

BUT, I was delighted with the results!

It looked a bit dark, which was expected but I was very happy with my new improved shape!

Although my eyebrows felt sore and were burning a bit, they didn't look red or bruised at all.

In fact no one would ever have known I just had them done!

That's the beauty about microblading. You are not left with unsightly, scabby brows afterwards.

I was given an aftercare pack to take home and had to start my healing journey an hour later.

In my next post, you can join me on my healing journey and learn about everything you need to do to get the best possible results!

Bye for now.

Razia x

Microblading experience by Razia at New Brows London
My Microblading Brow Mapping photo

Here is a photo of my drawn out brow shape before the procedure.

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