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Microblading & Retinoids, Not a good mix!

Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A and it can play a role in immunity and skin health. It has many benefits, such as reducing inflammation, unclogging pores, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, and regulating the growth of cells on the skin’s surface.

There are many different strengths of retinoids which can be used, and retinoids can be natural or synthetic and the most common forms are retinol, retinal and retinyl esters. These forms are commonly found in over the counter anti-ageing creams.

Whilst they work wonders for your face and complexion, it does not work well with micoblading and semi-permanent treatments.

So why is this?

Well one of the most common side effect of retinoids is skin irritation and excessive dryness. It depends on the strength of retinol you are using, obviously the stronger it is, the more side effects it will cause. Retinoids penetrate deep into the skin's layers and tissue and makes it very sensitive. This is why it is recommended to use an SPF cream in daylight.

Therefore having an invasive procedure such as microblading whilst using retinoids is not a good idea or recommended. It can lead to excessive bleeding during the procedure as the skin is super sensitive. This in turn can lead to poor healing and poor pigment retention.

Also continuing to use retinoids after microblading can certainly lead to premature pigment fading, as retinoids increases skin regeneration.

So what is recommended for those using retinoids that want semi-permanent make up?

If you are considering microblading or semi-permanent make up, it is advised to stop using retinoids up to 4 weeks before treatment and 4 weeks after treatment. It depends on the strength you are using, if taking oral retinoids this may be longer. If using a weaker form, such as a low percentage of retinoid or an ester, you may have to stop using it a week or two before. Many clients don't actually realise what their face cream contains, so it is good idea to take it with you to your consultation or photograph the ingredients for the technician to advise.

Yes it's a bit of a compromise if you want amazing looking facial skin and amazing brows, but it's a small sacrifice to make which is not forever!

New Brows advise on using retinoids before and after microblading
Microblading & Retinoids don't mix!

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