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HD Brows...a great alternative to semi Permanent brows

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

So what is HD brows and how does it differ from other brow treatments?

Well HD brows is a completely tailored, bespoke treatment to get your brows into your desired shape. Think of it as more of a brow journey rather than just a one off brow treatment.

There are many drop in brow salons practically on every high street across the UK that carry out threading, waxing and brow tinting with no appointment system, just a walk in first come basis. You can even get your brows done in supermarkets and superdrug stores!

I have experienced these walk in brow salons many times and each time there was a different lady that did my brows and it was never a pleasant experience, more one of convenience. I only ever went in for threading as I have very dark brow hair so luckily don’t need tinting. It was one in & one out, I timed it. In fact once I waited over half an hour to be seen and then the threading lasted exactly 2 mins! No acknowledgement of what shape I wanted, the ladies were like robots, giving everyone the same shape whether it suited them or not! It definitely was a case of one size fits all! I don’t think I recalled them putting hand sanitiser on between clients either, which is quite gross if you think about it! Certainly not a great experience and it really was pot luck if you managed to get a nice friendly stylist.

Since discovering HD brows I decided to train as an official HD Brow stylist of which I am now fully qualified in order to give my clients the treatment I would want for myself. Because at the end of the day, it is your face that is being worked on and your face is a very personal part of your body. It is also the part that everyone sees, so your brows need to be at their best.

My HD Brow treatment starts with a patch test 48 hours before you have treatment if you have tinting done. Then at your appointment you have a consultation with me to find out what the best shape is for you of which I will map out your brow shape and carry out tinting, waxing & threading. I then use a selection of HD products that will fill in any gaps, keep your brows in good condition and highlight your new brows to make them look amazing. All products are of great quality for the skin too.

I will then advise what you need to do to maintain or grow your brows into the shape which is called a re-growth programme. It is a good idea to re-book appointments on a regular basis (approx 4 -6 weeks) with the same stylist (me) if you want to achieve your desired brow look. The treatment is actually very relaxing and takes 45 mins to 1 hour from start to finish.

I would advise anyone who is having their brows done for the first time to try HD Brows rather than go to a walk in brow salon. Don’t let your brows be ruined by someone that doesn’t care and doesn’t even speak to you about the best shape for you. Your brows are an important feature, just like the hair on your head, so style them wisely! To book an appointment with me, please click on the Contact us tab.

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