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What are the benefits of Microblading?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Fed up of applying eyebrow pencil and it smudging or you can’t always achieve the shape you want?

Fed up of having to take time out every few weeks to get your brows tinted?

Fed up of having to re-apply brow make up after exercise or showering?

Well the main answer to this is certainly one of visual appeal and saving time. Having microblading done can benefit people in many different ways. Many years ago the eyebrow trend was well plucked, waxed or threaded very thin brows and after years of maintaining this look, (especially older) people have found that their eyebrow hairs haven’t grown back or have been left with sparse areas with little or no hair. Well for a quite a few years now the ‘eyebrowsonfleek’ look has been fuller, thicker brows. So ladies (and gents) have been filling in their brows with pencils on a daily basis which is very time consuming! However filling in your brows with make up, does not really give your brows a natural look, because it is a block of colour, unless you are an expert at creating fine hair strokes with a pencil. However, microblading the sparse areas with fine hair strokes fills in the gaps semi-permanently and results in a very natural look.

Some people with very thin brows can alter the shape of their brows through microblading. An ideal shape for your facial profile can be achieved, although it is not recommended to drastically change the shape, as the pigment is semi-permanent and will fade in time.

Fair people with very light hair usually add brow make up or tint their brows on a regular basis. This is also a time consuming activity. Imagine being able to wake up every morning and not have to ‘dress’ your brows! Well with Microblading, you won’t have to do this anymore. A pigment colour can be chosen at your consultation that suits your skin undertone and skin type. This pigment changes colour during the healing process which usually lightens considerably, but all of this can be discussed at the consultation to achieve the right look.

Remember though that Microblading is a semi permanent procedure, therefore it is not permanent like a conventional skin tattoo. This means that to maintain the look, a top up will need to be done after the initial procedure and initial top up. But this is likely be many months apart rather hours apart (brow make up) and weeks apart (brow tinting).

So if you want to save time and achieve great natural looking eyebrows in a shape you love without having to do anything on a daily basis, then certainly consider having microblading done.

Natural semi-permanent eyebrows
Microblading by New Brows London

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