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Eyebrow Threading or Waxing?

This is a question I get asked quite a bit from clients. Which is better threading or waxing?

Well, both are equally effective in hair removal and both have pros & cons.

New Brows Threading Brows in Ealing
Eyebrow Threading or Waxing?


Threading is an ancient hair removal technique using a piece of cotton thread. The thread is twisted to create a scissor like action which removes unwanted hair directly from the follicles.

Pros: Threading is better for people with very sensitive skin. Brows hairs can be removed precisely, creating a smooth finish.

Cons: Can be quite painful for those not used to it and the client has to stretch their own skin taught so that the technician can thread without nipping the skin. Some clients find it a bit uncomfortable having to use both arms to stretch the skin around their brows.

It may be tricky to remove shorter hairs that have just erupted from the skin

Eyebrow waxing at New Brows in Ealing
Eyebrow Waxing is it the right choice?

Waxing Warm wax is applied with a brow stick to the hairs and a paper strip is placed over the wax and swiftly pulled away to remove unwanted hairs directly from the follicles. Pros:

Not as painful as people think and less painful than threading. If done correctly it is quick and removes the hair cleanly, leaving a smooth finish. Hairs will grow back finer and softer if done regularly.


Waxing is not suitable for those with very sensitive skin or undergoing chemical peels or using retinol creams regularly. This can cause skin sensitivity and waxing is not advised. Clients taking Accutane should not have waxing until 1 year after they have stopped their treatment as it can cause undesirable effects.

It is very much personal preference, as both deliver good results and lasts the same amount of time, approx 4 weeks (depending on each individual)

At New Brows, we offer brow shaping that combines both waxing and threading with a bit of tweezing as well, to ensure brows are shaped nicely and all unwanted hairs are removed. We always have a consultation with our clients first to establish if there are any contra-indications and will then use the appropriate method to ensure a smooth, neat finish.

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