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What is Combination Brows?

Combination of microblading and machine shading eyebrow tattoo
What is Combination Brows?

Combination Brows is a semi-permanent brow treatment which is actually microblading and shading. The microblading is done with a hand tool and creates super fine hair strokes, implanting pigment into the skin. A tattoo machine is then used to gently shade in-between the microbladed strokes adding more colour and density to the eyebrows.

Here my client had minimal machine shading, which just created a softer look and is much more natural in appearance.

The procedure doesn't take much longer than a microblading session, perhaps 20 mins more.

It is ideal to have combination brows if you have oilier skin, as you will get a better healed result and it will last longer than microblading on it's own.

It is also a great option for those who have had previous pmu brows and want better coverage.

Also if your eyebrows are really thin, this treatment is ideal to give a more defined shape as sometimes microblading alone cannot fill in the shape as well.

Before any treatment, it is advised to have a consultation so you can receive the best advice as to whether this is right for you.

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