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A bit about me & why i'm choosing a career in Semi-Permanent Brows

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I guess I have always been a bit obsessed with my own eyebrows and conscious of how they look. I remember having big dark bushy eyebrows at the age of 13 and it got to a point that I didn’t want to be laughed at in school for having thick ‘caterpillar’ brows and ones that joined in the middle! (Mono-brow is the word!) In those days (not giving my age away) there weren’t many salons that did eyebrow waxing, not that I would have been brave enough to have it done. Threading didn’t really exist here in the UK, even though it’s an ancient art! Not like today, where every street corner has a salon that does eyebrow threading & waxing. So my mum took out her very special pair of tweezers and got to work on my bushy brows. My mum must have been watching something on TV at the time and got carried away… an hour later I sat up with eyebrows half the size! This was the start of having to regularly maintain them.

Plucking was the easiest way for me to maintain them but once you start, it grows back within days, those unsightly dots of new hair created from tweezing.

None of this made me decide to jump on the beauty band wagon though when I grew up. My passion was art and from a young age was determined to go to Art college and that is exactly what I did. I got a BA(hons) in Textile Design and then after a year of design freelancing, I landed a job in retail buying. I have no regrets, I got paid well, had a company car, got to travel and loved what I did.

In the years that followed I became a wife & mum to two beautiful girls and only mothers will know how consuming it is to care for and look after young children and run a home at the same time.

Now that my girls are teenagers, I have decided the time is right to start a new profession and career and the idea of learning something new, fills me with excitement and determination. Many people that have gone into the world of SPMU (semi permanent make up) are artists of some kind. For example painting & drawing portraits requires accuracy & precision, creating lines and definition. I became intrigued how you can change the shape of someone’s face by simply adjusting their brows slightly.

I didn’t know what microblading was until a few years ago. Yes it is invasive and not suitable for everyone, but the transformation is amazing and looks so natural. It requires skill, a steady hand and precision. To me it is a form of art on human skin.

Apart from the artistic side, I care about people, I want to be able to help people and make them feel good about themselves. My brows are still not perfect , but it’s never easy to perfect yourself!

Microblading is not just a beauty treatment to make you look fancy, it can help people who have suffered hair loss through Alopecia & cancer, those who have over plucked in the past and hair won’t grow back.

The most rewarding part of microblading for me is the joy in transforming brows and enhancing someone’s natural beauty and making them feel complete.

New Brows Owner Razia

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