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Microblading....Not as Painful as you might think!

Microblading Artist Razia at New Brows explains that Microblading is not as painful as people think.
Microblading is not as painful as you think!

One of the most common questions I get asked....Is Microblading Painful?

Of course it's understandable to be concerned as no one wants to go through a lengthy, painful procedure by choice!

The simple answer is NO. It is not and shouldn't be a painful procedure. There is an element of discomfort where you will feel the skin around your brows & eyes being stretched by the artist's fingers and a slight scratching feeling (similar to tweezing) when the strokes are initially created.

In the picture, this is one of my clients immediately after the procedure. As you can see she is not full of scabs or bleeding with very minimal redness around her eye area. Her eyes were slightly red from when I had to stretch her skin around her brow area, but this did not cause her any pain at all.

We all associate pain with wanting to scream ( a bit like childbirth) but I can assure you, microblading is no comparison whatsoever! At New Brows, we always ensure our clients are made as comfortable as possible. We do advise using a numbing cream which is applied 15-20 mins prior to treatment if you are really concerned about it. But we have done many clients without the use of numbing cream and they found it tolerable. It really is mindset that plays a big part too. Don't expect the worst and start picturing open cuts with lots of blood. It's really not like that at all! Bleeding is very minimal (surface dots) and the blade used is super fine and flexible. The strokes do not go deep at all, just within the upper layer of the dermis. Although the treatment is 2-3 hrs long, approx 1-1.5 hours is spent actually microblading hair strokes and the first lot of initial strokes only takes about 10 minutes.

We are happy for clients to listen to podcasts, music via headphones if they wish, although we do play some great music in our salon to relax our clients. In fact so many of our clients have dozed off during microblading as they have felt so relaxed. We love this, because we know they are not in any discomfort!

So don't listen to experiences that some of your relatives or friends might have gone through. Perhaps they didn't go to an experienced or qualified artist. Every person is different and has their own tolerance to pain or discomfort.

Our consultation prior to procedure is the perfect time to ask all the questions you possibly can and quench any fears you may have.

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