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Microblading and fear of the blade!

Do you fear being sliced on your face by a blade? Well when it is put like that, yes it sounds scary for sure! BUT, hopefully after reading this article you can allay your fears for good.

The microblade we use at New Brows is specially designed and created by Phiacademy, one of the most prestigious microblading training academy in the world.

Each blade is disposable and is made up of 18 super fine needles which are in a U shape. These super fine needles are bound together and are actually flexible to touch. It is not a rigid blade as you could imagine a surgical scalpel to be. It wouldn't just cut you like a knife unless used in right way. The flexibility allows the blade to curve creating ultra-realistic precise hair strokes that mimic real hair! However it's not just the superb blade that does the work, it is how this blade is handled that matters. Only trained artists know how to use this blade to it's fullest potential and there is a special way of holding it and using it to create good quality strokes.

The needles are designed in a row to capture and dispense the pigment into the skin, but again it is how this is implemented that really matters.

This is why it is really important to choose your artist carefully and ensure they are trained to the highest standards. The artist controls the use of this amazing blading tool and controls how it enters the skin and the depth. Stretching the surrounding skin effectively whilst using the tool should not create pain, perhaps the sensation of mild scratching or pinching, but definitely NOT pain!

Using this microblading tool is like second nature to us and has become 'the pen to our paper'.

We can assure you there is nothing to fear if you let the right artist do the work and this applies to most procedures in the beauty industry too.

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