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Is Microblading Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

new brows microblading ealing in london UK
is microblading permanent or semipermanent

Technically it is classed as both!

Microblading can be classed as a permanent because it basically doesn't wash off!

After treatment it can also stay in the skin permanently which varies for each skin type and individual. Although it can significantly fade there may still be a shadow or presence on the brows.

In most cases after a few years of not topping it up, it can fade completely which is why it is a semi-permanent treatment. It is also classed as semi-permanent because the pigment is not inserted as deeply into the skin as with a body tattoo. Instead pigment is implanted into the Upper layer of the dermal skin, so effectively it can fade over time.

It also depends on the artist you choose to do your procedure. Some artists who are not experienced enough may end up microblading too deep which will leave a more permanent colouration in the skin. In this case the pigment ends up migrating and either ends up as a dark ash grey or too red. Once this happens it is very hard to remove the colour without having it professionally removed by a technician, just like tattoo removal.

Everyone handles pigment differently and a lot rides on aftercare too which affects the longevity of the microblading. Overall, Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure because it is expected to fade over time.

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