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How to wash your hair after Microblading?

It is recommended to wash your hair before your treatment, so that you don't have to wash it for a couple of days straight after treatment.

It is essential to keep your brows dry and not get them wet after treatment for at least 7 days (apart from cleaning with a damp cotton pad as advised). Getting them wet during the important healing phase can cause poor pigment retention as you don't want to wash the pigment out! When showering it is important to make it quick even if you cover your brows, as any steam in the shower can affect the healing and retention too!

Here are some tips on how to clean your hair without getting you brows wet:

  1. Use Dry Shampoo - This is the best option to keep your hair fresh which will prolong the time between wet washes.

  2. Use a Visor or swimming goggles - this should offer some protection from getting your eyebrows wet whilst showering.

  3. Go to a Hairdresser - get your hair washed the salon way, this will prevent your brows from getting wet.

  4. Use some cling wrap - good old cling film, try putting a strip over your brows whilst tilting your head back to wash your hair in the shower.

If you do accidently get your brows wet during this time, don't panic, just dry them quickly with a cotton pad.

As soon as the healing phase is over (7 -10 days) it is safe to get your brows wet again. But it advised not to go into steam rooms, saunas or swimming pools for at least 14 days.

Remember it is still important straight after treatment until the brows have healed to keep them clean by wiping with a damp cotton pad to remove any dirt, dust or bacteria. The aftercare balm should then be applied in a tiny amount to each brow if advised to do so for 7-10 days.

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