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How long does Microblading Last?

A simple question that everyone who is interested in the treatment would want to know.

Well the simple answer is that an exact length of time cannot be predicted. This is because the result is personal to each individual and everyone is unique. There are three main factors which play a big part in pigment retention:

Internal Factors:

These factors are all the factors which cause changes on the skin. So some people have oily skin or dry skin and this has a big part to play as to how long the pigment will last. Those with oily skin produce more sebum therefore affecting the stability of the pigment. Those with dry skin might have better retention of pigment as there is less sebum production. Some people have medical conditions in which they are on medication and this can play a part too. For example an under or over-active Thyroid gland does not stop you from having treatment, but certain medications taken for it can reduce the longevity of retention.

External Factors: These factors relate to all the things external to our body, such as cosmetic treatments, creams used, sun exposure etc. Facial treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers can lead to accelerated skin cell regeneration, so it is best to avoid these treatments after microblading. Creams containing fruit acids especially used on the face, can do the same.

It goes without saying that sun exposure can fade pigment, the sun fades most things when exposed long enough, so it is best to avoid sunbathing and tanning beds after treatment. If going out in the sun always cover your brows with wide rimmed sunglasses and use a factor 50!

Human Facctor:

Not inserting enough pigment into the strokes or too shallow microblading can result in poor retention too, so it is important to choose your artist wisely and check they are fully qualified to a high standard. Another human factor is aftercare. How you care for your brows after treatment is just as important as the treatment itself. Aftercare rules are explained fully at each consultation and on treatment day. If this isn't followed properly it may lead to poor healing and pigment loss or poor retention.

As a general rule however it can be said that under optimal conditions, colour can last from 10 to 12 months. Those with ageing skin where regeneration has slowed, the colour can last even longer up to 2 years or more. For people with extremely thick and problematic skin types, it may last approx 6 months.

We have had a few clients surprise us however, where they were advised it may fade faster due to medication and skin type, however they have had amazing colour retention!

This really shows that results cannot be fully determined!

Great brow retention after microblading by Razia at New Brows Ealing London
Microblading how long does it last?

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