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How to keep your brows looking good.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

It is important to look after your brows, just as much as you would your hair & skin. Here’s a few tips to get your brows looking great and nourished:

  1. Wash your brows daily with a gentle facial wash, to keep them clean and pat dry. Your brow hairs trap airborne particles and dirt just as the hair on your head does.

  2. Moisturise your brows – use a moisturiser twice a day that has an SPF, ideally SPF 30 to keep them hydrated and protected from sunlight. Brow skin needs to stay youthful and healthy in order to keep a good brow shape.

  3. Try an Oil – especially if you want to grow your brows out, apply a natural oil such as Castor oil to your brows every night before bed. Olive oil, Jojoba oil and Coconut oil work well too and creates a barrier to lock in moisture. It also increases circulation and thus promotes hair growth. Brow hair grows in 3-4 month cycles, so if you want to grow them out completely, follow the above and avoid plucking for at least 12 weeks!

  4. Groom them daily with a spoolie to promote growth in the right direction. We comb or brush the hair on our head, so why not our brows!

  5. There are many brow serums you can buy that replenish the brows and promote growth, but it’s important to check the ingredients as some contain a high level of alcohol and ingredients that could actually irritate sensitive skin, especially if you have skin conditions like eczema.

I personally prefer the natural approach to caring for my brows, it’s very simple to follow the above tips and let nature do it’s work!

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