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Is it good to use hair dye on your eyebrows?

As a brow artist, I thought i'd share my professional opinion on this. I am amazed at how many people actually do this to save time and money and try to match their brows to their hair colour.

But is it any good for your eyebrows? In my opinion, no it isn't!

I have seen clients with scorched and damaged eyebrows from doing this and they wonder why their hair is no longer growing?!

Firstly many hair dyes are permanent and using permanent hair dye on your eyebrows is extremely dangerous because you’re exposing the very delicate skin around your eyes to the toxins in the dye. While the toxins are also absorbed through the scalp, the thin skin around your eyes is much more permeable. It can lead to burnt skin around the eyes, severe allergic reactions, scarring, blurred vision and loss of brow hair!

Even if you choose a semi-permanent hair dye, the risk is still as high. Most dyes contain ammonia or peroxide and colouring agents that can cause contact dermatitis too.

The risks of using hair dye on eyebrows far outweigh the benefits, so I would recommend only sticking to professional brow and lash tints that have been specially developed for use on those areas to avoid damage to your eyebrows.

Even with brow and lash tints, it is always advised to get a a patch test done before application.

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